About Me

My name is Nancy Gordon, and I hail from a picturesque town between the banks of the Mighty
Mississippi River and the cornfields of Iowa.

I wish to live in a world where all pets have loving homes, that I have limitless access to Frye shoes, and a dollar for every swear word I’ve ever uttered in traffic.
When I’m not saving animals, fantasy shopping or dropping F Bombs, I am recording music, writing my
blog, creating art, and practicing yoga. I am mom of two handsome young men, partner to my best friend, a sister, a daughter, and completely owned by a couple of four legged beasts.

I am a yoga teacher, reiki master practitioner, and aesthetician. I practice Transcendental
Meditation, and study guided breath movement in the Himalayan Tradition.

As an aesthetician (fancy word for skin care therapist), for more than 16 years, I’ve worked in upscale salons, taught at a beauty school, worked as a makeup artist, and most recently, worked for a plastic surgeon as a medical aesthetician.

The abrupt halt to my career came about last March, 2020, when the pandemic forced a shut-
down of non essential services at medical facilities. Like many of you out there, I was a deer in the headlights. Yeah, I was panicked and scared. Uncertain times were upon us.

While dodging this deadly virus, it was so easy to sink into the dismal, powerless spiral of
uncertainty and the unknown.

So, I decided to get busy and swim. Taking inventory of my magical bag of tools, I created my space on the web, and continue my 500 hour yoga teacher training through The Himalayan Institute. I always felt a pull to dive more deeply into holistic integrative work with people and animals. Difficult to jump off the hamster wheel of working for someone else’s dream, Covid forced that wheel to a grinding halt. I probably would not be writing my bio in this time and space if none of this happened. So, this is my silver lining.

There have been plenty of contrasting experiences that lead me here on this journey. This is true for all of us.

Whether you have landed here seeking guided meditation, reiki, yoga, or even curiosity, I welcome you in joining me within this sacred and supportive healing space of self empowerment and non-judgement.

With a little humor, love and support from the Universe, is my intent that these holistic offerings innately harmonize mind, body and spirit.

We are all SoulStars~*