Hatha Yoga

I have been a Hatha Yoga teacher since 2008. I received my certification through The Davenport School of Yoga, with Jeani Mackenzie as my teacher and mentor.

Definition of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the fundamental tradition of yoga.
The term is derived from the Sanskrit ha, meaning “sun”, and tha, meaning “moon”. The practice aims to unite the active and receptive qualities represented by each celestial being.

Practitioners of Hatha yoga use physical alignment and the flow of the breath to achieve an equilibrium between the active body and its universe. The resulting harmony manifests itself as physical strength, physiological health and emotional well-being.

Yoga is the relationship that is built between the body, the mind and the breath. Yoga is creating space free from obstacles in your own body to live.

I personally was drawn to yoga because it taught me to reserve that extra hour for self care. As a single mother of two energetic boys, this was a bit of a learning curve. Through my personal practice I have learned to listen to my body, patiently observe physical and emotional queues, and to love myself through breath. This practice became sacred.

I am here to help others find this release so that they can comfortablely and competently move their bodies through life. We are all on a journey, and our individual experiences with yoga are beautifully unique. It is my hope to help you on this path to joyful Hatha Yoga Practice.